R and RStudio

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Current R Builds on Gizmo

SciComp maintains a current list of the various builds of R available on gizmo for use by researchers. Each build has different packages installed and versions of R itself, thus identifying if an existing R build matches your needs is a first step to using R on gizmo. If you do not see a build that meets your needs here, then contact scicomp with the specific needs of your project.

R Packages and Extensions

There are a number of available resources built on R that are free and open source that can greatly expand the utility of R and RStudio for research purposes.


Bioconductor is a public repository of R bioinformatics packages. Bioconductor packages are curated for intercompatibility and grouped into workflows (eg. CyTOF, ChIP-seq, eQTL, etc…). New Bioinformatic tools often result in a submission of the corresponding packages to Bioconductor.

R/Bioconductor events page

The Tidyverse

The Tidyverse is a group of R packages that coordinate together and are commonly used for manipulating and visualizing data in data science applications. There are a number of useful packages for research based users that are part of the Tidyverse, and it’s worth the time to learn about them and see how one might employ them to clean, analyze and convey data and results. DataCamp has an online Introduction to the Tidyverse that can be useful when first evaluating whether these packages might be useful.


Shiny is an R package bundled with RStudio that enables the creation of interactive applications powered by R code. These apps can be viewed on any computer running RStudio, or they can be hosted on a server. Scicomp provides instructions for hosting Shiny apps here

Local resources

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