The Data Science Lab is the “Office of the Chief Data Officer” at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. You can find more about what we’re working on at or connect with us in the Fred Hutch Data Slack workspace. You can now schedule a consult with DaSL staff on variety of data oriented questions. Schedule a House Call with our staff to get your questions answered on a variety of data related topics from NIH data sharing to research software development to data science partnerships. You can find more infomation about our events on our CenterNet page.

Our documentation is focused on data science and related concepts and concerns relevant to a cancer care and research institute after our merger in 2022. We are in the process of building new content that is tailored to the needs of our community so check back frequently. If you would like to see content on a specific topic you think is relevant to this space, please feel free to leave a request via GitHub Issue or by emailing