Overview of Scientific Computing at Fred Hutch

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Center IT supports a wide array of resources made available to researchers. Much of the basic computing information needed on an ongoing basis can be found via Centernet and the Center IT pages. However, much of the scientific computing resource documentation beyond this material is provided in this section of the Wiki, and links to existing resources and documentation are provided when available.

Access and Credentials

This section includes a variety of information about accessing computing resources at the Fred Hutch, including managing credentials for services when required.

To get help you can email SciComp or you ask a public question on The Coop’s Slack Workspace in the question-and-answer channel.

Data Storage

The Hutch, through Center IT and Scientific Computing, support a number of options for storing your data. The service you use to store your data will depend on the nature of the data and the anticipated use.

Software Development

While there are many types of programming languages various software used in scientific research are written in, there are a handful of specific languages that are commonly used in the process of doing a wide range of research tasks. We will introduce the most common here.

Large Scale Compute

This section contains articles that describe a range of high performance computing resource options available to Fred Hutch researchers.

Reference Material

We maintain a space for both announcements from Scientific Computing as well as a Resource Library at the following links:


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