At sizeable biomedical medical and academic research institutes like Fred Hutch, there are a wide range of roles that are being processed and supported by HR department at any given time. Knowing how you can best engage with the support provided by your institution and what aspects of the process you need to take ownership of will help you make finding and hiring into your group much more productive.

Here’s an example of a data science oriented description of the overall process of hiring. Much of these processes and issues are also relevant for Fred Hutch hires. An initial process to publicize the position, collect and review resumes to screen applicants often happens in collaboration with your recruiting department if your organization has one. However, developing the approach and process to the subsequent technical parts of the screening and hiring process for your own group to help you screen and hire for technical data, programming, and scientific roles will be primarily your responsibility.

Outline of the Hiring Process

The hiring process generally goes as follows:

  1. Hiring manager develops the job description
  2. Position is reviewed and approved for posting and publicizing
  3. Candidates apply by sending requested materials to HR
  4. Recruiters screen resumes for minimum qualifications and any specific requirements from the Hiring Manager
  5. Hiring Manager reviews resumes to identify those of interest
  6. Recruiters perform phone screens
  7. Hiring Manager evaluates which candidates to engage their screening process with which might include:
    • 1:1 interview
    • Take-home code challenge
    • Live coding evaluation
    • Technical or panel interview(s)
    • On-site interview or interview rounds
  8. Reference checks are performed by Hiring Manager
  9. Position is offered to candidate
  10. Details are negotiated