As research increasingly relies on effective and large scale use of data, our skills and attention around data stewardship become increasingly important. The Data Science Lab will be kicking off a series of efforts focusing on training, documentation and support for research data stewardship over the coming year that we hope will help all FHCC researchers do more research with more data in a financially sustainable and responsible way. If you’re interested in discussing these topics or contributing to the effort, please schedule a Data House Call to get a consultation with a Data Science Lab member.

Data Management Guidance

Most Fred Hutch based researchers have multiple types of data they need to store while they are performing their research. Broadly speaking these types of data can be categorized as:

For these broad types of data, when determining how to manage all of your research data types, it’s important also to think about a few features of the data you’re storing:

Depending on the type of data used by a research group, different combinations of data storage options may be appropriate. Assessing the strengths, mode of access, and interactivity with computing resources of each of these types of data storage options alongside an assessment of the types of data a research group use and the type of interactions with those data is becoming more important for researchers. This assessment also is becoming more important to repeat over time as data storage and connectivity infrastructure changes and as the particular data types and interactions of research groups evolve.

There are multiple resources at the Fred Hutch to help you design and implement a data management plan for your research. The Fred Hutch Data Science Lab offers a Data House Calls service to get a consultation to discuss your data needs and how you might design a plan, while Scientific Computing can help you with the tools and resources you need to implement that plan (email scicomp for help).

A useful section to read about what data storage and management tools Fred Hutch has to offer is in the Scientific Computing Data Storage section.