Edit this Page via GitHub       Comment by Filing an Issue      Have Questions? Ask them here. is a free, open-source, online tool that supports researchers in creating, sharing and maintaining their data sharing plans related to many funding agencies. The project has been supported by the University of California since 2011 and the Data Science Lab has joined the effort to provide Fred Hutch investigators support and guidance through the tool.

If you create an account at using your email address, you’ll be able to use the evolving Fred Hutch guidance, and connect to the Data Science Lab for reviews and support through the tool.

Investigators have their own dashboard where they can see all the plans they have created in the tool. It maintains all your in-progress and past plans, lets you share them publicly and reuse them in the future.

You can create new plans for various funding organizations and using any of the NIH Templates.

Look up requirements for plans from various funding agencies and find sample plans where provided.

The tool hosts plans that investigators have made public for you to read and leverage for your own work.

While writing your own plan, dmptool and Fred Hutch (in progress), along with other institutions have provided guidance on many of the common templates that you can use to help streamline the creation of your plans. Additionally, you can collaborate with others at Fred Hutch or other institutions by sharing the plan in the tool itself (no more emailing back and forth!). You can request feedback on your plan by staff at the Data Science lab in the tool, as well as download your plan at any time.

Additionally, dmptool has provided fill-in-the-blank type support and the Data Science Lab will continue to port over our guidance from various sources into the tool so you can find it directly next to each section in the plan.

Special templates maintained by the specific funders such as the NIH are also available in the tool, including the new NIH Alpha and Bravo templates.

At any point, you can use our in-tool links to DaSL Data Sharing Resources or email us for help. Additionally, we offer Data House Calls for “Study Planning, Data Sharing and Grants” which are short consulting sessions where if you’ve shared your plan with us through the tool, we can make recommendations on your specific plan.

Note: NIH has some restrictions on hyperlinks in applications. If this is an issue you can export your plan as a text file and remove the coversheet text prior to submission, OR you can uncheck the “Include a project details coversheet” box prior to exporting as a pdf.

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