Environment Modules after Upgrade

Hello to all Data Scientists and HPC Users!

We hope you are already aware of our upcoming Operating System (OS) upgrade - we are updating all Linux systems from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 18.04.

First Announcement

Second Announcement

There will be changes to our Environment Modules. Please refresh your understanding of Environment Modules.

Environment Module Information

The list of available Environment Modules on the new OS is different, and this may affect your scripts.

18.04 Environment Modules

This is the best way to avoid problems:

1) Refresh your understanding of Environment Modules 2) Check your use of Environment Modules in: - scripts - login configuration(s)(~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile, etc.) - manual load/interactive shell sessions - terminal multiplexer shell sessions (screen and/or tmux) 3) Find the same or replacement module on the 18.04 list 4) Prepare an updated copy of your script, configuration, and/or procedure 5) Test that copy when you see we have 18.04 test systems ready for use (soon)

There are two main cases where a new module may not work for you:

1) Established, ongoing jobs that need scientific reproducibility 2) Software packages not yet available on the 18.04 module list

Please send email to scicomp@fredhutch.org or stop by one of our Office Hours if you find yourself in one of the above categories, and we will work to produce a new module for you.


OS Upgrade Announcement One

OS Upgrade Announcement Two

Environment Modules Information

18.04 (new) Environment Module list